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Started out as a humble family business of mixed & blended spice in Singapore ‘Mama shop’ (provision shop) since early 1980s.



Following the evolution change, soon comes various demands and opportunities leading to the start and opening of a full fledge business model (i.e moving into a new factory) prioritising mainly on flour mix and spice blends for direct business customers.

With the blooming food industry, more herbs & spices were brought in. This suggest the factory expand and handle every process carefully with due diligence, observing more stringent quality standards and protocols, applying for more certifications. In turn, the facility grew stronger.


2020 onwards

More products are developed &/or formulated to its unique blends, with the intention to provide consumers with the convenient to use, and at the same time, not compromising on flavours and taste.

Eventually backed by the knowledge of the team over the years, Grindstone is no longer a stranger to the field of condiments. In the third quarter of 2019, it successfully makes its debut in the market via e-commerce harnessing on its existing resources, along with the experience from past expertise.

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