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No mess, no hassle!

Blended spice mix curated to make food taste better at an instant.

As straightforward as simply sprinkling or shaking it on your food, this could be your secret magic weapon to salvage a bad dish or a trick for kids to ask for more. It’s time to recognise the possible use of a pre-mix product and how it can be potentially aid you.

Pre-mix herbs and spices in a bottle, put together to make cooking easier. Besides saving you more time, it also saves your pocket on purchasing too many unnecessary ingredients. Mix a little seasoning powder with water and marinade your meat or seafood overnight before cooking. Execute your dish with minimal effort!

Herbs and spices are rich in taste, bringing you a diversity of option in preparing a meal. Along with its ancient history and its medicinal properties that are beneficial to human bodies, they are also capable, and extremely useful, in enlivening a dish, eliminating dull and boring food. Be astonished by the pairing and combination use of various herbs and spice, changing the overall umami of your food.


Ready to Eat   |   Sprinkle On

Savoury & flavourful powder to enhance on the taste of your meal.

Say 'nay' to sauces and tasteless food.

Convenient and easy to carry. No Added MSG. 

For fries/ chips/ wings/ meat / seafood and etc.

Refill Pack                       |   50 g    |

Commercial Pack     |   500 g   |   1 kg   |


Marinade & Cook   |   Pre-mixed Seasoning 

Choose to buy available spices or custom blends based on your recipes. 

Quality check on ingredients to deliver freshness and finest goods.

Refill Pack                       |   100 g   | 

Commercial Pack     |   1 kg   |


Marinate / Cook With   |   Ground / Crushed Spice

Varieties of spices; elevating the taste and uniqueness of your gourmet.

Crushed / fine powders.

No more chopping required!

Refill Pack                       |   100 g   | 

Commercial Pack     |   1 kg   |

For commercial enquiry, please whatsapp / email us. 

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